Seoul Rave Brand

Seoul Rave Club Posters Booklet is an homage project to the underground music culture in Seoul.


Initially “Seoul Rave” was going to be a personal project. I wanted to compile a booklet that consists of Seoul Club posters but then it evolved into “Seoul Rave” project when I realized that I could share publicly. So that people around the world could get inspired by them. I teamed up with Canberk Karakaş and Doğancan Kobaş as Cognoscenti Studio to refine the Project.


We want to support the artists and show the world that Seoul isn’t just kimchi and K-pop. The underground scene in Seoul is inclusive and home to people from diverse races, genders, and cultures. We hope that the unique style and design culture of the underground scene in Seoul inspires you and changes your perspective about Seoul and Korea.


Identity & Branding, Art Direction, Motion Design, 3D Graphics, Typeface


Creative Director, Typeface and Booklet Design: Murathan Biliktü

Logo Design: Canberk Karakaş

Rendering: Doğancan Kobaş, Canberk Karakaş




Logotype and Seoul Rave

The motion and the compact feeling of Seoul and the mechanical and sharp visuals that the underground music scene uses inspired us to design the logotype in a way that can translate into club design posters by itself

Sharing Good music and design!

Since we are aiming to celebrate and share the unique culture of Seoul's underground music scene we decided to post some of the posters, visuals, and music.

It can be thought of as a Design Archive page with occasional music sharing.


We designed a custom typeface for Seoul Rave's headline and title usages. It is called "Seoul Rave Typeface" and it is available to download for free.

The main characteristics of the typeface are inspired by Seoul Rave's own logotype which was inspired by the motion of the techno sounds and the modular but compact sense that Seoul has.