Biliktü Grotesk Typeface

Biliktü Grotesk is a typeface for the people who can't get enough "Helvetica" clones and also for people who've had enough with them.

I wanted to create a sans-serif font that I could use anytime I need to use one, but a typeface that could fit any circumstance means that I'll have to limit my explorations with it. Luckily OpenType features came to rescue and allowed me to develop alternate styles for the letters.



Typography, Typeface

Murathan Biliktü



Purchasing Options

Artboard Copy 35.png

Typeface Includes

-Biliktü Grotesk Gerundet

    -Regular, Medium

-Biliktü Grotesk Spitz:

    -Regular, Medium

-Biliktü Grotesk Arbeiter

-Biliktü Grotesk Screen(for texts and UIs):

    -Light, Regular, Bold

-Biliktü Grotesk Mono

-Biliktü Grotesk Hebrew:

    -Regular, Bold (Experimental)

Artboard Copy 53.png


Gerundet is the rounded-edged version of Biliktü Grotesk. Other than that the only difference is in the glyphs


The corners are rough and sharp, just like the classic Swiss typefaces we're used to seeing.


A wider and spaced out version of Biliktü Grotesk, optimized for digital displays and small texts.